There will be an answer

The constant over-stimulation with music, with movies, with my quasi-Bohemian love-churning. And when I have been free, the deep appreciation for what I do and have loved in terms of what I’ve allowed in my ear, eye, and mouth holes. The ability to face deep-seated fears with calm and stillness, and the ability to regain control, somehow lost after briefly losing it. A reintroduction to a capacity for love manifest in an ability to forgive, and a need for artistic accomplishment with completed works of consequence is a distinct–perhaps ultimate–goal of the life I’ve been given. Finally, new found. Perhaps new finding is the more correct tense. The ability to turn things over in my life to the Universe. That unnamed creature-loving, for lack of a better word, energy that represents everything. That is just the way it is. Only good things happen when I let it be. Close your eyes, boy. There will be an answer.

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